The OnePlus 8 Pro has now gone on sale and people have started receiving their orders. But there have been reports of a variety of issues with the display, such as green tint, hole-punch banding, black crush, and image retention. This is not a new issue that has suddenly popped up, it was first reported in April before the 8 Pro was even launched in India.

Now all these issues are noticed in the lowest brightness in a very dark environment. You won’t notice this when you are using the phone outside on a sunny day or even inside most of the time. But you can notice these issues at night when all the lights have been switched off and you are using the phone in the bed when you are about to go to sleep. But there is a catch and that is this option of DC Dimming, it’s disabled by default but if you enable that you can reduce the brightness of the display even more than you could before. And if your OnePlus 8 pro has a faulty display, that’s when you notice these issues.

Surprisingly most of the tech reviewers who have received a review unit have not experienced any such issues. We even discussed it in our weekly Livestream. So as a consumer just keep that in mind while watching OnePlus 8 Pro reviews from prominent and established sources. But luckily OnePlus has acknowledged the issue although they have labeled it as a software bug rather than a hardware bug which is a bit polarising. It can be a software issue as the display panel in the 8 Pro is made by Samsung, and even the S20 Ultra faced some green tint issues in the display but Samsung did fix it via software updates

But it can very well be a hardware issue considering its not just a green tint issue. There are issues like a black crush, image retention, and hole-punch banding on top of green tint issues. Also, OnePlus has released a few software updates in an attempt to fix these issues but the users are still reporting them. Now I personally have not seen a OnePlus 8 Pro myself. I’ve only read and heard about it. So I can’t comment on how severe the issues are. But the issues are there and considering this sells for over ₹50,000 which is a lot of money, it’s not acceptable.