The iPhone XR, I remember around the festive season in 2019 dropped to as low as ₹40,000 which was incredible. That was probably the best deal of all time for an iPhone for a new unused iPhone. As of writing this article, it is available for around ₹49,000 but if you have an HDFC card, you can get it for around ₹45,000 on EMI with no interest. Although it’s not as cheap as it was last year, its still a really interesting price tag. At ₹45,000 the iPhone XR is slightly more expensive than the new iPhone SE but a lot less cheap than the iPhone 11.

The Lineup!

If you compare the iPhone SE with the iPhone XR, you would realize that the XR has various advantages over the SE but the price difference is not that massive. But if you compare the XR with the 11, the price difference is massive but the actual difference in the products is very minimal. The 11 adds just a wide-angle lens and a slightly faster chip.

This makes the iPhone XR in my opinion the best value for money iPhone you can buy as of now. Compared to the SE, I think the advantages are pretty obvious, its a modern iPhone design with a much bigger and convenient display which means PUBG is a far better experience. Also, it’s just a bigger phone in general which means that it has a bigger battery. In fact, when you will use the iPhone XR, you will get one of the best battery lives on a phone.

The only thing that is better in the iPhone SE compared to the iPhone XR is the A13 Bionic chip. But for an average consumer, I think that difference is pretty irrelevant as of now. It may become relevant at some point in the future when the iPhone SE might outlast the iPhone XR with one additional year of software updates. But that is 4-5 years from now. Most of the people don’t even use their phones for that long, except me, I’ve been using the iPhone 7 for almost 4 years now.

But at the end, the iPhone XR, I think it is the best value for money iPhone as of now but in the 45K price range. It’s probably the only flagship you can buy that will last for at least 4 years, if of course, you don’t break it.

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