Xiaomi announced the Truly Wireless Earphones 2 about a month ago in India. Truth be told these are the very first pair of TWS earphones that I have bought and used on a daily basis. I think considering the price at which they sell at, these will be the very first pair of TWS for a lot of other people as well. So since I bought these the day they launched and have been using them ever since quite extensively, I think this article will be everything you will need to know about these earphones.

First impressions.

So after I finished the extremely simple unboxing process involving a very basic hard paper packaging, I finally got my hands on the case itself. The casing has a soft-touch matte finish to it that feels really nice, but it does mean that it will get dirty and retain stains. But the case is just as tiny as that of most of the other wireless earbuds which means it is very lightweight and easily fits in the pocket. The earbuds are connected to magnets at the bottom so they remain intact at their position in fact they just get sucked back by the magnets every time you put them back, it’s extremely satisfying.

They do have a lot of features that are extremely convenient like the USB-C charging port at the bottom. It charges completely in around 40 minutes and the battery life is also decent. You can listen to music on these continuously for around 3 hours before the battery dies. The other thing that’s convenient is the pairing process. All you got to do is hold down the button on the case for about 2 seconds, wait for the light to start blinking, and connect it on your phone via Bluetooth. And to use them in the future all you got to do is pull them out of the case put them in your ears and they will be automatically connected to your phone. But this automatic connection is limited only to devices that are running on MIUI 11 or newer. If you are using any other phone that is either an iPhone or that is running any other skin of Android, you will have to manually connect to the earphones, every time you want to use them.

A perfect fit?

Far from it.

Once I unboxed and paired the earphones with my phone, I tried them on. The earphones do not ship with any ear tips of different sizes as they are not designed that way. Instead, they have a “one-size fits all” kinda design like the original AirPods and these are not very comfortable to my ears. I gave them to my father and these just did not fit in his ears then I gave them to my mother and surprisingly she somehow adjusted but not super comfortable for her as well. With me personally, I often keep rearranging them within my ear just because I feel that these will fall off any time. They never really do but they do give a lot of anxiety that way and that honestly starts itching me after some time because it feels something is loosely hanging from ears.

Also if you exercise, especially jumping jacks like I have started to in this lockdown, firstly good job, secondly jumping jacks with this is not a good idea. Not just jumping jacks but any exercise that involves the entire body to move at a fast pace. There is practically no grip in these so they will loosen inside the ear and might even fall off. I also think that you won’t be able to travel with these in public transport like metro which is crowded shoulder to shoulder because you will have no confidence while wearing these since they are so loose.

The sound quality does not make up for the poor fit.

Now that I had the earphones on my head, I was finally ready to plug and play some music. Truth be told I’m not an audio expert, but these just sound average. In fact, the first time I heard music from these I was actually shocked by just how flat and hollow they sounded. Although now after more than a week I’ve gotten used to them, I still realize there is not enough base in the music. It has good instrument separation but the vocals are just too thin. to give you an example the music coming out of these feels like slightly enhanced sound recorded from an iPhone’s microphone instead of a professional microphone. You can hear that difference in my full video review embedded on this page itself.

This is just what I feel, most of the videos that I have seen online have appreciated these for the sound quality but as far as I am concerned I’ll be switching back to my slightly broken wired House of Marley earphones that I bought for ₹400 in 2017 because IMO opinion they sound much punchier. And that’s my entire experience with these. If you think after reading this article you are now in doubt if you should buy these or not, I’d highly recommend that you find someone who owns these or maybe go to the store itself if they’ve opened now and tried them on your ears to find out whether you like the sound and whether they fit in your ears because of its one singular shape for every ear on the planet. Make sure you do that before ordering these online because once you accept the delivery and you end up not liking them like me you would have wasted all of your money because Xiaomi India has no return policy  Keep that in mind.