I believe the people who will want to get the iPhone SE can be segregated into 2 groups. The ones who are still using an iPhone with a home button and the ones who are finding a way to escape from android.

Now if you are the person who is wanting to upgrade from an android, chances are your current phone is bigger and better looking than the iPhone SE. It is going to be a massive challenge switching to this from most of the android phones. But if you belong to the first group, meaning you are wanting to upgrade from an older iPhone, for example, the iPhone 7, I think this will feel like a major software update. Even though its the same 6-year old body design, internally its a hugely improved phone.

But before I get deep, let me quickly talk about the color. So I got the white color because I think it looks cleaner and hence attractive than both the red and black.

Even though it has dimensions and body as the iPhone 6,7 and 8 you can point out from far away that it is an iPhone SE, especially if it’s in white.

One thing that I noticed is that the Apple logo at the rear is now proper dark grey in color which means it contrasts really well with the white and its now visible from all angles. If you’re wondering why I mentioned this, its because the white color of the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max had an extremely muted apple logo which made it almost invisible from certain angles.

I don’t know if it was because of the frosted glass back or not but I mentioned this in my 11 Pro Max Unboxing and I’m glad Tim Cook watched that video and got this fixed.

The rest of the exterior is all really very familiar including the display. I’m glad they went with a black front even on this white variant because, with a white front, there is a black border that keeps shining through, and it’s really ugly. On a black front, it mixes up with the body and you can’t see it. As far as the display is concerned it is the same. Same PPI as the iPhone 4, same brightness as my iPhone 7, same colors, same viewing angles, same everything. This means it is not the best display you can get for ₹40,000. In fact, it’s a fact that every phone has a better high resolution and brighter display than this.

But I actually think that having a lower-res display in this frame is good for the battery, not that the battery backup is terrific or anything, it will still struggle in getting through an entire day especially if you play PUBG or just game on it. but it could have been worse if the display would have been a higher-res display. After all this is a tiny thin phone, hence there is not enough space inside for a bigger battery.

And I know its a great display because once you start using it you forget about it, unlike some displays that develop banding issues. Now I’d have said the same thing about the size also, once you will start using it you will forget about it, but that is a bit too subjective. Most people will find it smaller than the required size. Plus considering iOS 14 and the widgets that it brings along, the size is a bit too compact. I installed the developer preview on my iPhone 7 to do a video on it, and I found adding widgets made everything hodge-podge because widgets do take up a good amount of space and this is a tiny display. Its hardware. It’s permanent and you will have to live with that. So keep that in mind before you make the purchase.

Performance is the reason why this felt like a massive software update when I switched from the iPhone 7. It’s a noticeable difference. The app load up speeds are better and the memory is really good. So when you double press the home button and switch to another that you opened sometime before, most of the time it opens in the same state as you left it in. The iPhone 7 fails to do that now. But the most improved aspect is gaming coming from an iPhone 7. PUBG on this is flagship experience. I play on HDR Extreme and not a single frame drop. the size can be an issue but I did a dedicated video on playing PUBG on the iPhone SE in which I spoke about all these issues and I highly recommend you check it out.

The last thing that I want to talk about is the camera. It’s not a multi-camera setup but the images are so good in daylight. I compared the images of the iPhone SE with those of the 7 and in some shots, there was a very noticeable difference in the dynamic range.

iPhone SE on left. iPhone 7 on right.

However, in low light, the iPhone 7 produced some better lit shots surprisingly. I didn’t understand at first so I tried again but I got the same results. There was also a difference in the video quality and camera apps on both the phones. I covered that in the video on the channel.

iPhone SE on left. iPhone 7 on right.

And that is all of the iPhone SE. As Dave Lee said, most of the other phones both cheaper and expensive than this have something fancy like a 120hz display or 108MP camera to attract the consumers but in that process, they miss out on the basics. The iPhone SE is all about the basics. It’s a no-nonsense phone that will be supported by Apple for at least 5 years in the form of software updates. But I personally will not switch to the iPhone SE from the iPhone 7. My iPhone 7 is almost 4 years old now, and I don’t want to be stuck with a phone which looks exactly the same as the iPhone 7 for another 4 years. I want something that nails the basics but is also a bit fancy. It’s going to be expensive but I’ll wait for it.